Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bama Birthday Bash!

My main man, PB, had a birthday last week! 

He turned 39!  It's his last year of being 30-something.  Wow!  I can remember when he turned 20 and now he's only a year away from 40.  We've officially been together half of our lives!  Time has flown by.  He really prefers not to celebrate birthdays.  Not just his either.  He'd be perfectly happy to just say "Happy Birthday ____!" and go on about the day.  But I love to celebrate birthdays so he had not one but TWO birthday celebrations!  Isn't he special?  I think so! 

The first celebration was at my aunt and uncle's lake house. My cousin's husband, Clint, was turning 30 four days before PB turned 39 so my uncle suggested a party for both of them. PB and Clint are big University of Alabama football fans so that is where the theme of the party came from. And since it was a gameday for Alabama vs. Michigan our party decor was all about Bama football! Nothing too fancy but just right for two guys who'd probably rather not even have a party. My aunt made the birthday signs with her cricut. That thing is awesome! I might like to have one of those things some day. The other decorations were some things that I have from our tailgating supplies.

                                                         The birthday boys!

The Bama cake came from Publix and was too cute.  I made the little signs showing their ages though out of scrapbook paper just to make it more personal for them.  We ate barbecue, baked beans, potato salad and broccoli salad.  It was all delicious and PB was a good sport about it all.

Our 2nd birthday celebration was at PB's parents house.  It was also planned around a gameday event.  PB's parents are HUGE Bama fans.  They usually go to all the games but decided not to go to this one and hosted a birthday party for their only son.  They set up their backyard like the Quad on campus at the University of Alabama.  They put up their Bama tailgating tent and moved their motor home into the backyard.  The chairs were set up around the tv that slides out from under the motor home and we watched the Bama v. Arkansas game just like we would if we were in Tuscaloosa watching college football.  I was bad and didn't get any pictures of their set up.  It was very cute!  I only took a couple of pictures of PB's cake.  He's on a diet and requested an angel lush birthday cake.  Here's my cake creation in honor of my sweet hubby, PB!

I made a banner out of some scrapbook paper I had and attached it to two wooden skewers with red and white baker's twine.  It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!  PB was even impressed that I went to all that trouble for his birthday. 

                             Silly pose of all the girl cousins on PB's side of the family.

PB was glad to get a new Bama visor and a new decal for his truck.  Maybe he's decided that birthday celebrations aren't so bad after all???  I'm already thinking of ways to celebrate the big 4-0 that he'll be having next year.  What do you do to celebrate your sweetie's birthday? 

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