Friday, August 31, 2012

1 Down!

I mentioned a few days ago about my to do list that I was needing to work on.  Well, I am happy to report that I can scratch through one of those items.  I finished up the trim paint in my master bathroom.  Yeah, me!  I had originally painted the walls in there a little over a month ago and just never got around to painting the trim.  This is a pretty small space so it really wasn't going to take much time.  Yesterday, I finally broke out the paint brush, ladder, and paint bucket and got to painting.   Here are my before pictures: 

The walls were a lovely mint green and there was also a very functional glass shower door.  The wall color wasn't the worst in the world but I really wanted something a little more "me" in here.   PB removed the glass shower door and now I am able to use my "B" monogrammed shower curtain that I ordered from Ballard Designs catalog four years ago.  I still love it! Plus, I was getting tired of trying to keep the track to the glass shower door clean.  I was fighting what seemed to be a losing battle with it.  Now I can just clean the tub itself and not have to worry about trying to scoop out the gunk that always seemed to hunker down in the track.  Yuck!  I know, I know...TMI! 

Are you ready for the after pictures of our newly finished master bathroom?  Here ya go:


I love how it all turned out.  This color is called Wicket and is a nice greenish-gray color.  It compliments the tile floor in here and looks awesome next to all the white trim. 

After looking at these pics I'm thinking I might need to paint the chair that goes in between our sinks.  Hmmm...maybe I need to add that to my never ending list.  What do you think?  Should I paint the chair or leave it stained?   

Monday, August 27, 2012


No, this is not a post about the breakfast bread that everyone loves.  It's about a different kind of biscuit.  A ball team.  Our hometown has a minor league ball team called the Biscuits.  At first, it seemed crazy to name a team after a food that is so popular in the south but after a while it has really become quite catch-y (pun intended). 

See the cute little biscuit logo...that's Monty, the biscuit.  I don't believe that I've ever seen another biscuit with eyes and hands before.  Anyway, PB got us tickets to go a game a few weeks back and we were so happy because it was Family Fun night.  That meant the kids would get to run the bases after the game was over.

                                                                             Ready to head inside the stadium!

One of the kids favorite things to do at Riverwalk Stadium is to play at Big Mo's Dugout.  Big Mo is the team mascot.  He's kind of like a biscuit-loving anteater looking creature.  He has this cool playground area at the end of the third baseline that is just for kids!  Our girl and boy love to play here.

They also love the inflatables.  You can purchase a wristband for $5.00 and have fun up until the end of the 7th inning. 

                                                                     PB is the #1 Biscuit fan! 
After the kids played at Big Mo's Dugout for a while, we headed to our seats.  PB's dad was joining us to watch the game.  Now we are ready for some Biscuits Baseball action!

                                                             Enjoying their pre-game snacks!
                                                                      Papa and PB!  

Our seats were pretty great.  They were right behind homeplate!  We saw lots of scouts sitting around us checking out the pitchers for both teams. 

After the game was over the kids lined up to run the bases.  It was pretty exciting for them both.

                                                Big Mo met all the kids at homeplate for a High-5!

                                                 Everyone got a cool drink after running the bases! 

Even though our kids don't play baseball or softball any more they are still fans of the game and they think it's pretty cool to get to go out onto the field.   I think PB was a little disappointed that he didn't get to run the bases, too.  He's the real baseball fan in the family!   :)  It was a great night of Biscuit Baseball fun!  Go Biscuits! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A "To Do" list

Do you like to make lists? 

I do. 

I like to make all kinds of lists.  Grocery store lists.  Christmas gift lists.  Birthday gift lists.  Party planning lists.  Right now I am making a list of things to do to our house.  When we bought this home a year ago I wanted to paint every room.  It was begging to be painted.  So I started out painting every. single. room.    It feels good to say that I have painted every wall of every room.  (Minus the closets and interior doors.  But I have plans for those!)  Today my list looks like this:

  • Paint kitchen pantry.  It's in a place where lots of people can see it from our family room and I don't think it's been painted since 1990.  Maybe even before then.  It's time for the pantry to meet my paint brush and my roller cover.   It's pretty small and shouldn't take too long.  I'm thinking I might tackle this next week. 
  • Finish painting trim in mine and PB's master bathroom.  It needs it.  I had intended on finishing it right after I painted the walls about a month ago but just haven't. 
  • Add decorative molding to interior doors and paint them.  Here's an inspiration photo for you to see what I would like for them to look like.  Not 100% sure about what color though...
  • Paint PB's barn.  It's not really a barn.  We don't live out in the country.  It's really just a storage building that was rotting away in our back yard.  My stepdad helped him replace all the rotten siding on it this past spring and someone was supposed to paint it.  That someone would be me.  I've been meaning to do it all summer but kept finding excuses not to.  They were perfectly good excuses, too.  Things like the kids are at home now and need me.  It's too hot. It's too hot. The kids need me.  I really don't even know what color I want to paint it but I should just pick something out and cross it off the list.  Maybe I'll put it off until it gets a little cooler outside.  :)   
  • Find a rug for the foyer.  Enter picture of ugly green, gray, and white tile floor in foyer: 

So that's about it for my to do list as of today.  It's not too overwhelming.  I hope to cross off all these things soon because I love seeing a list that has been scratched through letting me know I've accomplished my goals.  What do you think will get done first?  Or do you think I might find some more excuses to delay me from getting my to do list done? 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School

Yesterday was our children's first day of school.  They are now officially in the 6th and 4th grades.  I really don't feel like I should have a child in the 6th grade because I remember so much about my own 6th grade experiences.  Where has the time gone?  Guess that means I'm getting older too.  Pooh Bear! 

Our morning routine went well and they were both ready to go really early.  So that meant I had extra time to take lots of pictures.  I love to take their pictures on the first day of school and they LOVE to have their picture taken.  Well, not really.  I just LOVE to take their picture.  But I caught them somewhat happy this year!  Yeah me! 

I always try to take it in the same spot every year so I can see from year to year how much the children have changed.  Last year was our first year in this house so I can't really compare their height as much from the previous years.  Here was last years picture... 

They both have matured so much.  I will say the boy was also somewhat happier yesterday than he was at the beginning of school last year.  We had only lived in this town for two weeks when school began last year and we had lots to adjust to. 

For the first day of school, my girl wanted to have a special back-to-school manicure.  Lately she has been obsessed with painting her nails.  I mean OBSESSED!  She sometimes paints them twice in one day.  She loves to watch tutorials on youtube of different designs and tries to copy a lot of them.  Here is what she came up with for yesterday...

APPLES!  She only did the apple design on her ring fingers and just did a french tip on the rest of them.  She's gotten really good with her polishing skills.  Of course, it helps with how much practice she's gotten over the summer.  :) 

I'm extremely happy to report that they both had a great first day of school.  The boy was really happy that he didn't have homework for the first day but that I had homework.  You know the drill...sign this, fill out that, and give me $100.00 for this and $200.00 for that.   Fun times!  I really think this year is going to be a good school year for both of the children and can't wait to see how much they learn and grow.  How did your children's first day of school go?  Did you have any parent homework to do? Or are you still relishing in the last few days of summer?     

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Family Room aka The Den

I thought I'd participate in a Show Us Your House linky party that Thrifty Decor Chic is hosting this week.  The featured room for this week is the Family Room.  We usually call this room "the den" but sometimes I will call it the family room and the children will have to ask "what room?"  Let me start off by saying that this room is a work in progress.  Actually, our whole house has been a work in progress since we bought the house last July.  I would like to make a few minor changes here and there but for now this is how it looks as of today...

This is the view from the kitchen doorway but the view from the hallway/foyer looks like this...

This room is a pretty big space but is a little awkward for furniture placement.  I place all the blame on those built in bookshelves. 

Plus, there is a doorway to the patio that makes it even more complicated.  This is our space where we watch tv, play games, and just hang out together.  It's seen a big change in the short time that we've lived here.  The day we moved in it looked like this...

Pretty, huh?  In January, we painted this room and covered up all this lovely wood paneling.  I couldn't look at it one more day.  Most of the rooms in this 1960's ranch has wood paneling and slowly but surely we have covered it all up with paint.  The real fun in this space was painting all those shelves but we "got 'er done" and now it looks much better.  I chose a deep peacock blue as an accent color to the back of the shelves and I really like how they turned out.  Makes all my junk stuff show up really great!  Do you have lots of junk stuff on bookshelves?  Or have you painted lots of wood paneling lately? 



Friday, August 10, 2012

Summertime: Our way

It's almost over.  Sad but true.  School is coming quickly but I think we are ready.  The children don't want to go to the pool.  They don't want to go to the park.  They don't want to do anything else that I find for us to fill our last few days.  That tells me that they are ready for a change.  That change is coming in the form of a new school year.  4th and 6th grades to be exact.  I'm not ready for afternoons filled with homework and I know the children aren't ready for it either. 

We've had a good summer.  Trips to the lake:

the beach:

the museum with friends:

 the park with cousins:

 and we've watched lots of movies, and went to two different Vacation Bible Schools.  We've also had lots of pajama days.  It's been a lot of fun. 

These summer days are almost over but we'll still have the weekends to pack in as much summer fun as possible.  How do you spend your summer days? 

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Lesson: PB and A 101

I feel the need to get you up to speed on where PB and A came from.  I met PB (short for Peanut Butter) through a couple of mutual friends from high school.  I was dating someone else at the time and my friends and I gave PB his secret codename for when the other guy was around.   My friends thought it would be a good idea for PB and I to talk and see if any kind of relationship could develop.  That was in the summer of 1993 and we are 19 years later.  I knew after the very first time that he called me that we would end up getting married and live happily ever after.  We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week.  Time has flown by and I am thrilled to say that we are still in love with each other.  He's my best friend!  He's also THE BEST daddy to our two children!  (He's even the best mama at times when I'm not at my best!)  I think we make a pretty good team.  I am blessed! 

                                                   Me and PB in Perdido Key last month! 

Our life as a married couple has been somewhat of an adventure.  We've lived in three different cities during our marriage and have had five different addresses to call "home!"  PB's job has moved our family twice in the last 5 years but we are closer to our hometown now and live 30 minutes from our parents.  Makes it nice for the kids to get to visit with their grandparents occasionally and for the holidays when we are driving back and forth to all our family get-togethers. 

I love my life with my little family.  I love being a wife to PB and I love being a mama! 

Well, that's the short version of PB and A.  I could, of course, write a mini-novel on all that's happened in the time that we've been together but being that I have this "mom gig" going on it's kind of hard to devote too much time to that effort.   Especially since one of the children would like for me to make her breakfast, right now. 

I'm off to feed a child,


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey there!

I'm Amy and I am a blog reader.  I have thought about creating a blog for a while now but kept telling myself not to because who would ever want to read something about me.  Hmmm...I still don't think anyone would want to but here I am!   I am happily married to PB and we have two kiddos.  Our girl is 11 and the boy is 9.  Our family pet is a mini dachshund named Polly and the kiddos are insanely in love with her.  We live in Alabama.  Here we are (minus the dog) in our Easter Sunday finest:

Life is crazy at times but isn't that the way it is for everyone?!?!  I hope you agree with me but if not I'll just pretend that you do.  ;)  Anyway, if you are reading this I hope that you will check back with me and see what I've been up to for the last few days, months, years, etc.   Who knows what I'll share with you? 

See ya soon!