Monday, October 22, 2012

Raven Wreath

Well, I don't know that this Dollar Tree bird is really a raven but it's close enough for me.  I saw a cute picture of this wreath on Pinterest and thought that I could make one for our back door.  It's the door that comes into our house from our carport and goes directly into our laundry room/mudroom/office.  Just about every person that comes to our house uses this door and I like that.  Have you heard the saying "back door guests are best"?  Well, that definitely fits our home and our lifestyle. 

I headed out to the Dollar Tree to pick up some black streamers and the cute little raven.  I had to make a stop at Hobby Lobby to pick up a wreath because Dollar Tree didn't have one big enough for my door. 

First, I wrapped a long piece of streamer or crepe paper ribbon around the wreath form so that it would be black under all my "feathers".  I plugged in my hot glue gun to let it get warm and then I got out my scissors.  I cut pieces of streamer paper into feathers.  Some pieces were 4 inches long and some were about 5 inches long.  I then began to glue the feathers into random little rows around the wreath until I had the whole wreath covered with my feathers.  The bird from Dollar Tree has wire coming out the bottom of his feet so he just got poked into my wreath.  Yes, poked is the technical term for inserting a bird into a straw wreath form!  Ha!  Here's what I ended up with after all my gluing and poking was done:

I think it looks pretty cute for a little Halloween flavor on our back door!  And sweet PB will be happy to know that this little thrifty project only cost me about $7.00, including tax!   Store bought wreaths...nevermore! 

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