Monday, August 6, 2012

A Lesson: PB and A 101

I feel the need to get you up to speed on where PB and A came from.  I met PB (short for Peanut Butter) through a couple of mutual friends from high school.  I was dating someone else at the time and my friends and I gave PB his secret codename for when the other guy was around.   My friends thought it would be a good idea for PB and I to talk and see if any kind of relationship could develop.  That was in the summer of 1993 and we are 19 years later.  I knew after the very first time that he called me that we would end up getting married and live happily ever after.  We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week.  Time has flown by and I am thrilled to say that we are still in love with each other.  He's my best friend!  He's also THE BEST daddy to our two children!  (He's even the best mama at times when I'm not at my best!)  I think we make a pretty good team.  I am blessed! 

                                                   Me and PB in Perdido Key last month! 

Our life as a married couple has been somewhat of an adventure.  We've lived in three different cities during our marriage and have had five different addresses to call "home!"  PB's job has moved our family twice in the last 5 years but we are closer to our hometown now and live 30 minutes from our parents.  Makes it nice for the kids to get to visit with their grandparents occasionally and for the holidays when we are driving back and forth to all our family get-togethers. 

I love my life with my little family.  I love being a wife to PB and I love being a mama! 

Well, that's the short version of PB and A.  I could, of course, write a mini-novel on all that's happened in the time that we've been together but being that I have this "mom gig" going on it's kind of hard to devote too much time to that effort.   Especially since one of the children would like for me to make her breakfast, right now. 

I'm off to feed a child,


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