Thursday, August 23, 2012

A "To Do" list

Do you like to make lists? 

I do. 

I like to make all kinds of lists.  Grocery store lists.  Christmas gift lists.  Birthday gift lists.  Party planning lists.  Right now I am making a list of things to do to our house.  When we bought this home a year ago I wanted to paint every room.  It was begging to be painted.  So I started out painting every. single. room.    It feels good to say that I have painted every wall of every room.  (Minus the closets and interior doors.  But I have plans for those!)  Today my list looks like this:

  • Paint kitchen pantry.  It's in a place where lots of people can see it from our family room and I don't think it's been painted since 1990.  Maybe even before then.  It's time for the pantry to meet my paint brush and my roller cover.   It's pretty small and shouldn't take too long.  I'm thinking I might tackle this next week. 
  • Finish painting trim in mine and PB's master bathroom.  It needs it.  I had intended on finishing it right after I painted the walls about a month ago but just haven't. 
  • Add decorative molding to interior doors and paint them.  Here's an inspiration photo for you to see what I would like for them to look like.  Not 100% sure about what color though...
  • Paint PB's barn.  It's not really a barn.  We don't live out in the country.  It's really just a storage building that was rotting away in our back yard.  My stepdad helped him replace all the rotten siding on it this past spring and someone was supposed to paint it.  That someone would be me.  I've been meaning to do it all summer but kept finding excuses not to.  They were perfectly good excuses, too.  Things like the kids are at home now and need me.  It's too hot. It's too hot. The kids need me.  I really don't even know what color I want to paint it but I should just pick something out and cross it off the list.  Maybe I'll put it off until it gets a little cooler outside.  :)   
  • Find a rug for the foyer.  Enter picture of ugly green, gray, and white tile floor in foyer: 

So that's about it for my to do list as of today.  It's not too overwhelming.  I hope to cross off all these things soon because I love seeing a list that has been scratched through letting me know I've accomplished my goals.  What do you think will get done first?  Or do you think I might find some more excuses to delay me from getting my to do list done? 


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